Jan 21, 2010

We Are Scientists @ Black Cat

We Are Scientists

I saw them about a year ago, opening for Kings of Leon, just after the action packed Whigs at DAR Constitution Hall and they seemed lackluster (and the light guy must have gone on a coffee break).

Tonight's concert blew away that stifled feeling of that first show.  Keith Murray bounced and spun as he played with frenetic energy.  The dialog between Chris and Keith and their interaction with the crowd made this show so memorable.  My favorites were The Scene Is Dead and Nobody Home (a song they claim they wrote from scratch).  The "new" drummer Danny played exceedingly well especially since it was only his second show.  Dubbed "Mark Twain" he remained mute but laughed along with the running commentary between Keith and Chris...

Uninhabitable Mansions

8 Syllables of Fun.  This band made up of members of Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah and Annie Hall of Au Revoir Simone.  Their music is instantly likeable and they finished their set leaving us wanting more.  Rob actually bought their CD (which means he really really liked them).  I downloaded 4 songs free.  They are a must see if get the chance!

Annie Hall and Robbie Guertin

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