Feb 13, 2010

We Were Promised Jetpacks @ Rock & Roll Hotel

Previous experiences of the Rock & Roll Hotel, left me half dreading the night, shows usually start late, so I don't get there until late, then get stuck on the left side by the giant mirror, where the stage seems so far away.   But this time!  Grabbed the front right and leaned on the stage and listened to the Shins waiting for the bands to start.


Versatile band with a full sound.  Played a multitude of instruments from the  banjo, faux bagpipes, autoharp (remember from elementary school?) to the 
ukulele.  They really seemed to enjoy playing for us.

Bad Veins    [ website ]
Two men and a tape machine.  I was worried that we'd get a taped track show but instead we had incredible sound.  Sebastien was manic on the drums and Benjamin crooned into the telephone, his voice rolling over me like waves, building until it's a pounding turf.  Despite the RnR Hotel technical issues with power and a little late start, these guys were awesome.  Put on your must see list.

We Were Promised Jetpacks [ website ]

With no pomp or circumstance, 4 Scots came on stage and started playing with intensity.  The drums pound, the guitars rumble, while the bass line carries through.  They played Quiet Little Voices early in the set, and then continued to plow through their album plus a couple of new songs.  Sadly they simply turned and walked off stage after their last song, leaving us wanting more.