Jan 28, 2010

of Montreal @ 9:30 Club

Of Montreal

At Lollapalooza 2009 we found ourselves at the side of the stage for their show... it was also one of the least muddy places that day.  We watched Kevin Barnes and his multiple players from the side through a 4 foot wide gap...  There were pigs and feathers and insanity, but we only could see 10% of it.
So we jumped at the chance to see them here at the 9:30 Club.  And with news of Susan Sarandon, all school marm, spanking the men costumed as pigs and Solange Knowles joining in for an encore at their NYC show, we stood on the edge of a sold out crowd.

It was craziness, smoke, strobe lights, acting, feathers... but the real show was the music... Du Og Meg was incredible, as well as An Eluardian Instance.  The tightness and looseness and the party atmosphere all added to a level of insanity that we couldn't quite grasp at Lollapalooza.

They ended with a Jackson 5 classic I Want You Back, with Michael Jackson dancing and afro wigs and everyone singing along.  

James Husband

While the band is made up of mostly of Montreal, the sound is a rockier version of the house band.  The fun carries through, and with references to the Sound of Music and a song that is the ultimate pop song, "Window".  The cellist and the guitarist dressed as Woody from toy story, came back onstage for the of Montreal encore.

Here's a slideshow so you can feel the insanity:

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